Sep 6, 2018

Bangalore’s Ode To The Blues – RadioandMusic

After the live scene in Bangalore got a life-giving boon of extended pub timings till 1.00 am, now seems to be the perfect time to whip up a good old fashioned Blues Festival. An Ode To The Blues, in its fourth edition, starts on 18 April and ends on 26/ 27 April, giving the city nine days of heady Blues music. The festival saw just over 750 attendees in 2013 and is looking at a larger number this year. Organised by folks at the popular pub CounterCulture, this edition carries on the tradition that began as a celebration of father of the Blues Robert Jouhnson’s 100th Birth Anniversary in 2011. Festival Director of An Ode To The Blues and Programme Director at CounterCulture Guru Somayaji speaks to about what makes this year’s edition.

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