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Concert Heads
Now in it’s eighth year post inception, CounterCulture continues to redefine the entertainment marketplace with concepts that hover beyond the edge. Varying from an evening of Smooth Jazz with the legendary John McLaughlin to a headbanger’s night of debauchery with Megadeth, CounterCulture has been at the helm of gigs that have made music history.
Our annual flagship event, Indie March sees a crowd of over 10,000 concert-goers flock to 5 different stages to watch over 30 different global artistes in the Indie music space. Ode To The Blues, our annual blues music festival, travels across 15 venues over a week with the best blues musicians paying smoky tributes to Robert Johnson, culminating in a gala finale that brings the who’s whos to the yard.

Keeping music as the only constant, Vishwaraj Mohan has been experimenting with different frequencies. His most recent change has been the successful sale of and exit from the F&B business while still retaining the brand name that it became recognised by – CounterCulture. It was his first venture following a stint as a business development manager; the conversion of an old Bangalore factory into an alternative music space was a combination of technology and passion that has, over the years, culminated in knowledge of the industry from a 360-degree point of view. Rated as a ‘cultural’ hero’ by Timeout magazine, Vishwa created the ultimate platform for independent artists from across genres. He is now focussing exclusively on the music side of business, exploring aspects such as consulting, brand management and building on the CounterCulture festival ideas.