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CounterCulture 2.0 runs on the same streak of madness with which we started our story in 2011. A streak is a mark different from its setting. It passes lightly, full throttle, contrasting with everything else on the surface. We take this streak quite seriously. Leaving a long mark in the industries where we create live entertainment experiences. Independently. Like a game-faced anomaly should.
The promise is still the same – that of the alternative – only this time, CounterCulture’s focus on young Indians is sharper and keener.
Through Music. Through Comedy. Through Gaming. Through programming of events that speak to the desires of the current generation. Through experiences that take them on journeys. ‘Them’, in our case, being the restless youth of a country much larger than just one exclusive metropolis.
We collaborate with open-minded brands. Brands that seek our expertise in designing quality experiences, brands that trust us with significant transformations in the country’s new milieu. Our unified brand experiences are driven by strong creatives and on-ground organisational strategies. We don’t leave space for the devils of operational details. This has something to do with an uncurbed streak of energy to get things done. It’s our defining characteristic.
Having curated over 1,000 audio-visual events for more than 110 powerhouse brands – including Coke Studio, Sprite, Sony PlayStation, Bingo and Monster – we’ve taken the time to perfect our user-friendly approach. We know how to get closer to customers – to build meaningful relationships – by creating non-intrusive, jolt-free experiences across digital and physical communication touchpoints.
You’d remember the early CounterCulture ‘vibe’. We produced striking culinary and mixology experiments. We flew down Megadeth to perform for a private audience of 1000. We encouraged people to bring their pets along. We programmed. We still do.
In fact, we found the creation of live entertainment experiences so addictive that we took our expertise outside our signature yellow gates and have since been moving. Moving along to the same sound wave that once shaped our logo but composing different sonic textures.
Coming back to square one with the big yellow gates, we are returning to venues. Dedicated comedy venues with round-the-week programming. Opening more spaces for open minds. Streaks, after all, are continuous.

Vishwaraj Mohan has been experimenting with different frequencies since a decade now. He does it by investing energy and creativity in the bigger picture. By thinking long-term. With a minimalistic lifestyle that allows him to take maximal risks. He recognized India’s desperately-lacking live entertainment scene early on. A determined switch from business development to entrepreneurship resulted in CounterCulture, making him a pioneer in the Indie music space.
The knowledge gained from that first passionate venture enabled him to expand and challenge the industry – to strike a balance between business sense and artistic pursuits. Vishwa’s plan ahead is to introduce more regional, localised versions of CounterCulture. A rootless cosmopolitan himself, he doesn’t believe in the single-city syndrome; his interest lies in creating alternate narratives that the country deserves.